• Raw Supplement Powder Sunifiram Dm-235 Brain Improve CAS 314728-85-3

Raw Supplement Powder Sunifiram Dm-235 Brain Improve CAS 314728-85-3

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Nootropics Supplement Powder Sunifiram (Dm-235) For Brain Improve CAS:314728-85-3


Quick detail:


Product NameSunifiram
Chemical NameDM-235
CAS Number314728-85-3
EINECS Number1312995-182-4
Molecular FormulaC14H18N2O2
Molecular Weight246.304
AppearanceWhite powder
GradePharmaceutical Grade


Sunifiram(DM-235) Product Description:


Sunifiram (DM-235) is a synthetic derivative of Piracetam, although due to breaking the pyrrolidone backbone it is no longer in the Racetam class of drugs (yet by being derived from them, it is still commonly associated with this class).


Sunifiram Applications:


Sunifiram is one of the newest nootropics on the market to smart drugs family. It is considered to be in the ampakine family of supplements. It increases one's attention span, decision making, and learning abilities. Although it is believed to work much like Piracetam, it is highly potent in comparison. The structure is similar, but some have reported Sunifiram being 1000 times more potent. In terms of its potency, it's comparable to Noopept.


It is being researched as a memory enhancer, potentially treating Alzheimer's patients. It provides a wide variety of benefits including; increased attention span, improved focus, and increased learning potential. It has become very popular since its release, as the benefits are high and the side-effects are low.


Sunifiram activates AMPA-mediated neurotransmission.

Enhancing LTP in a bell-shaped dose-response relationship.

Sunifiram aids in the release of acetylcholine in the cerebral cortex.

Sunifiram increases energy levels, allowing users to feel more motivated and eliminate

Sunifiram increase Levels of concentration increase, and users feel less distracted by external stimuli.

Sunifiram also enhances long-term potentiation, which is the forming of new connections regarding memory storage.

Sunifiram has some anxiolytic benefits. Feeling more relaxed is beneficial when trying to focus.


Sunifiram(DM-235) Dosage:


Like what was mentioned above, the typical dose for an adult human would be approximately 5mg of sunifiram. The strength of the effects are greater when it is taken sublingually ( under the tongue ) as opposed to just swallowing it. Don't worry too much if you go over the standard dosage.

Sunifiram(DM-235) Function

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