• GTS21 GTS-21 cas: 156223-05-1

GTS21 GTS-21 cas: 156223-05-1

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GTS21 GTS-21 cas: 156223-05-1

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cas: 156223-05-1

Product name : GTS-21 (DMXB-A) DMBX-anabaseine;

Cas No.: 156223-05-1

Chemical name : GTS-21 dihydrochloride; HY-14564A; DMXB-A

Synonyms : 3-(2,4-dimethoxy-benzylidene)anabaseine

MF: C19H20N2O2

MW: 308.374

Standard purity : >99%

Appearance :Yellow powder

Product introuction:

GTS-21 (DMBX-A) is a derivative of the natural product anabaseine that acts as a partial agonist at neural nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. It binds to both the α4β2 and α7 subtypes, but activates only the α7 to any significant extent.

Both GTS-21 itself and its demethylated active metabolite 4-OH-GTS-21 display nootropic and neuroprotective effects, and GTS-21 is being investigated for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease,nicotine dependence,and, most significantly, for schizophrenia.

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