• CAS 72432-10-1 Pharmaceutical Raw Material White Nootropic Aniracetam Powder

CAS 72432-10-1 Pharmaceutical Raw Material White Nootropic Aniracetam Powder

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CAS 72432-10-1 Pharmaceutical Raw Material White Nootropic Aniracetam Powder

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1.Basic Info.


Product Name: Aniracetam

CAS Registry Number:72432-10-1
Molecular Formula:C12H13NO3
Molecular Weight:219.24
Synonyms:Ampamet; Draganon; Ro 13-3057; Ro 13-5057/001; Sarpul;
Appearance:White Crystalline or Crystalline Powder
Density:1.236 g/cm3
Boiling Point:399.7oC at 760 mmHg
Melting Point:119-122oC
Flash Point:195.5 oC
Storage Temperature:Keep container tightly closed.
Refractive index:1.573
Solubility:3.3 g/L
Biological Activity:Nootropic, with modulatory actions through allosteric potentiation of
AMPA specific receptors, reduction of glutamate receptor desensitization and potentiation
of metabotropic glutamate receptor activity. Anxiolytic following systemic administration.
Stability:Stable at normal temperatures and pressures.
Usage:Cognition enhancer related to Piracetam. Nootropic.


2.Product Description:


Aniracetam are related to improved mental performance. This includes an increase in memory and possibly. Even enhanced learning capacity. This may actually occur differently in each person; Some will see strong Effects and begin remembering everything while others may just simply begin remembering small and subtle details. Aniracetam is also considered be very helpful as a focusing agent. Many users note that their attention Span is increased as well as being able to focus and concentrate much more easily. This also serves toImprove mental fluidity, making even simple, routine tasks such as reading and writing (and holding conversations) seem to flow much more easily, without expending as much effort as before using Aniracetam.


3.Product Applications:


As stated above, Aniracetam can have many off-label uses. It is considered a fairly safe and low toxicity substance to improve cognition and memory or reduce anxiety symptoms. Like other racetams, it can have an added benefit of reducing free radicals and oxidative stress in the brain which can lead to degenerative diseases and neurological complications. It should not be used as a main line of defence or treatment for degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Dementia but may have merit in reducing some of the symptoms associated. Below, are some of the common observed benefits of Aniracetam. Results may vary.

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